Details + Survey
One camp.
All over
South Florida.
digital youth experience
july 26 - august 1
2020 has.
been. rough.
Online school. Special events postponed or cancelled. Missing our friends. And so many in our community just struggling to survive. It can be easy to feel discouraged…maybe even hopeless. We may not know exactly what this summer will look like, but there IS one thing you can really look forward to...
One camp.
Many locations.
This summer, churches all across South Florida have joined together forces to create ONE. MASSIVE. ONLINE. CAMP. And no, this isn’t going to be just another Zoom meeting. It’s an incredible digital experience you do not want to miss.
Oh, and did we mention it’s completely FREE? Now is the time to listen to the little FOMO voice in your head and SIGN UP TODAY!
One camp.
For you.
SoFlo Camp is a once-in-a-lifetime digital online experience for middle and high school students anywhere in South Florida. You do not need to belong to a church to attend.
Going live
July 26th - August 1st, 2020.
Here’s what’s happening.
Every night of the week, you’ll be able to attend relevant and fun online worship services to help you learn more about Jesus and grow in your faith. These are not just any services. They will be led by some of the best speakers and musicians from across the country! But that’s not all. During the day, you’ll get the chance to attend workshops on a variety of topics that matter to YOU.
One Body
Student ministries from across South Florida are joining together for this incredible experience to: learn from each other while having fun, love South Florida and grow in our understanding of who Jesus is. Student camp may not look like how it normally does, but the special times we are living through have given us all the opportunity to come together in a way that’s never been possible!
Each participating church will offer creative ways for their own students to engage with one another throughout the week. Stay tuned for more details!
Love South Florida
The Bible teaches that Christians are to be a light to the world (Matthew 5:14). We believe this means making the world around us a better place regardless of our circumstances. During SoFlo, you’ll be given opportunities to love South Florida by serving your neighbors, families, healthcare workers, and so many more!
Opportunity to Grow
Just because this summer may not look how you imagined doesn’t mean it can’t be memorable – maybe even life changing. SoFlo was created to help you have fun, make memories, and grow in a big way this summer.
I'm in!
What's next?
Step 1.
Sign up
SoFlo is 100% free but you MUST sign-up to attend. Just hit the REGISTER button above.
Step 2.
Wait eagerly with anticipation
Your church will get back to you with specific details on how to access the workshops, worship services, and small group meetings.
Step 3.
Tune in to our SoFlo YouTube channel on July 26th-August 1st.
Ok, I have just a
few more questions...
Do I need to be a Christian to sign up? No! This camp is for ALL students from ALL walks of life, whether or not they believe in Jesus. All questions are welcome at SoFlo!
Will I get to be in a small group with my friends? Each participating church will be organizing those details and emailing you with more info.
Can I get hours for the service projects I participate in during Soflo? Each church will be deciding if and how students will receive service hours for being a part of SoFlo. Please reach out directly to your church for more details.
Can I sign up for SoFlo if I graduated this year, or am entering middle school? Yes and yes.